About us

IKE’s International Education Center is part of the IKE’s Education Group. Our professional overseas college admission consultant team is led by a group of scholars who have completed their graduate studies in the U.S. and who are keenly familiar with the American college systems and campus environments.

We specialize in planning every aspect of U.S. college and graduate school application; every member is highly experienced and serves our students with the upmost sincerity. We choose the most suitable majors and universities for our students in order to fulfill individual goals in their lives.

At IKE’s, we utilize our professional faculty members who specialize in TOEFL, SAT, and ACT to provide our students with the most solid learning foundations and to help them gain admission to the most ideal universities.

U.S.-based Representative

At IKE’s International Education Center, our care and service for our students do not decrease when they leave the country. We have an office located in the U.S. to assist our students with obstacles they may encounter when they are studying abroad. Whether it is difficulty with getting used to the local environment or a problem with school work, IKE’s can provide efficient, first-class student support.


IKE’s International Education Group started off as IKE’s English School; it has been providing EFL classes and after-school daycare for children ages 7 to 15 for many years. It has earned excellent reputation in teaching; its brand name has become well known; it has won the trust and respect from parents and students.

In keeping with our professionalism and fervor for education, IKE’s Education Group wants to extend our services and assistance to plan our students’ academic careers. Thus, the company founded IKE’s International Education Center. Its purpose is to foster academic excellence, boost English proficiency, and prepare students for college entrance exams. Moreover, it aims to provide college selection analysis based on each student’s aptitude and personal interests.

Ultimately, IKE’s will take the students through the college application process and gain admission to the most ideal universities.

Products and Services

  • Boost English proficiency
  • School subjects reinforcement (English, Math, Science)
  • Test preparation courses (TOEFL, SAT, ACT)
  • Online mock tests
  • Exclusive instant online Q&A forum
  • Academic research skills class

Study abroad application consulting

  • School selection analysis and strategy setting
  • Application document counseling (Essay, SOP, resume)
  • College application form counseling
  • Application status reports
  • Interview counseling
  • Student visa application counseling
  • U.S. local service office
  • E.S.L. and certificate program application consulting
  • High school exchange student application counseling